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      Beach Carts

      Beach Carts

      -Beach carts are currently 4 weeks out on production-

      When the concrete ends and the turf begins, AQUACART beach transport carts blaze the trail! Use them to transport PWC across the beach, your back yard, or avoid the lines at the dock. They are feature packed and priced right. They feature aircraft strength aluminum construction, non-corrosive heavy-duty composite rims with replaceable bushings, solid stainless axles, with stainless bolts along with stainless quick disassembly pins. Watercraft can be easily loaded on the cart directly from land using the winch, or in the water. They also work well transferring watercraft to and from trailers. Standard 18x9.5 tires are compatible with hard pack surfaces, but the oversized 21x12 tires are recommended for general usage including sand and soft surfaces. These large 12" wide tires help to stay onto of the sand compared to dragging thru the sand like a 4" wide road trailer tire would. These Beach buggies, beach trailers, beach carts & beach dollies are the ticket for getting your ski to the water!

      Which is the right model for you? Think of the length and weight of the ski. A 1,000 lbs ski on a 4-wheel cart displaces 250 lbs per tire. The 6-Pak would displace 166 lbs per tire while the Octo-Cart displaces 125 lbs per tire. Obviously the bigger the cart, the easier your job can be. Call us to discuss your terrain and what you are looking for.

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      4-Play 4-Play
      From $1,119.00
      6-Pak 6-Pak
      From $1,679.00
      Octo-Cart Octo-Cart
      From $2,119.00
      2-Play Stand-up cart - Beach Carts 2-Play Stand-up cart - Beach Carts
      From $719.00
      Beach Blaster Beach Blaster
      From $659.00
      In-Water In-Water
      From $349.95