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      Aquacarts Ultra Sling PWC jet ski waverunner lift harness

      PWC Lift Slings


      Aquacarts, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes THE BEST PWC LIFT SLINGS ON THE MARKET- period! Don't be fooled by imitation lift slings with claims of high capacity!!!!! Aquacart lift harnesses are THE HEAVIEST DUTY harnesses on the market & have been for years. Nothing but the best of materials went into lifting your prized PWC. This is why Aquacart slings are used by more dealers & boat manufacturers worldwide!


      Quick guide:

      Aquasling- Sport & stand up PWC

      SUV- All Yamaha PWC

      4Tec- All Seadoo between 2003-2009

      IS- For Sea Doo sit downs & all other PWC

      Ultra- Honda & Kawasaki sit downs


      All Aquacart Lift Harnesses Feature:

      • Vinyl coated steel brackets for maximum hull protection (no more scratching boats)
      • Better vinyl coating than you would find on "wannabe models"
      • Double stitching for added security & strength
      • UV protected ultra high strength webbing (up to 6,000lbs.)
      • Huge double stainless steel lift rings (rated at 4500 lbs.) on most models
      • Use with fork lifts, cranes, davits, etc. to lift personal watercraft
      • UPS shippable
      • Aquacart lift harnesses are a must have for houseboats, yachts, docks, dealerships, or making it easier to get your pwc off the road trailer to put in the garage!
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